Welcome to Skill Art

Skill Art Academy was established by Mr. Sagar Parmar in Junagadh city in February 2018. The main objective of the Skill Art Academy is to give the child a touch of painting and to give him knowledge from basic to advance in the field of art. A student will get the right environment and get familiar with his art and a student can move forward in carrier of art in the future. If a student has the right art skills, then in the future, they will be given the first chance to showcase their artwork.

“EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST” is said by a great artist, there is something like art in every child, that can only have to be identified. The child’s brain is constantly trying to innovate and create something new. That is why the child is the form of the artist.

Sagar Parmar – CEO

why choose us?

Skill Art teaches its students realistic drawing and painting, which helps in consolidate confidence which help students avoid continual dissatisfaction with their artistic skills, so that they will not eventually give up art as a viable interest. Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other. Skill Art takes a very classical approach in teaching drawing and painting. What it means is that instructions coupled with practice, will bring about an independent and confident artist in you. Student have worked for years before they ever became “masters” themselves. After months with Skill Art, students and their families are constantly amazed at their new abilities, and, that it is a real fun to learn how to draw and paint.